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Styles of Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

These days, women opt for Christian jewellery which is very much in demand, especially on occasions such as Christmas. Christian jewellery includes necklaces that feature a scintillating design on the cross. From cross necklaces to super stylish designer necklaces, numerous styles come under Christian jewellery which is trendy and popular amongst the youth.

Other than Christian necklaces, women also fancy cross pendants due to its trendy and stylish looks. However, you can replace them with other styles such as choker and full length necklaces are also in fashion. Choker necklaces hug the neck and give a different look than full length diamond necklaces. They can have a length adjustment apparatus close to the clasp. If you have a long neck, a diamond choker can look especially elegant. It will place the emphasis on the elegant neckline. It will also focus more attention to the face. If you have a shorter neck, then a thinner choker is desired along with, perhaps, a pendant so a lengthening effect is achieved. A dangling pendant can also serve to take more attention from the facial area. If a person is a plus size then a longer length necklace is desirable to lengthen the person’s appearance.

Apart from the designs and sizes, the shape of the face also offers prime importance in selection of a specific diamond necklace or pendant. The shape of a one’s face can be a good indicator as to the length of a diamond necklace one will look best in. Women with round face shapes look best with longer diamond necklaces since it provides a lengthening effect. If shorter chokers are worn by a person with a round face shape, the shorter necklace will magnify the roundness of their face. If a woman’s face is more oval, any length necklace will be appropriate and will look elegant for that special occasion.

A pendant is a small setting which hangs from a chain. Heart diamond pendants are especially popular, but these can come in other shapes and a variety of styles. They are cheaper as compared to a full diamond necklace. When choosing a diamond pendant, it is crucial to consider the wearer’s contours. From the round shaped to asscher cut pendant to the ‘heart and arrow’ designs are just enough to attract the attention of a crowd. A wearer with a slender neck would look mesmerising if adorned with a pear shaped pendant, especially in parties and functions.

Necklaces have always been an accessory that women have gone crazy for; after all it’s that one thing that could work magic on a woman’s neck. Diamond necklaces simply occupy that soft spot in a woman’s heart. A formal evening outfit just isn’t complete without the sparkle of a diamond necklace. They simply complete feel that every woman wishes to experience on those special occasions and parties.

Tips for Buying Online Vintage Necklace

  • Determine what exactly you require
    Before you invest in vintage style necklace, it is important for you to understand the fact that there are a wide variety options to select. In fact, you will come across with variety of styles and designs that suit your personality and taste. The option of buying online vintage style necklace wholesale is also available and you will find several designs and styles of vintage necklace at discounted rates that will definitely suit almost any occasion. But, before that you need to determine whether you are looking for jewelry from any specific era, or you need accessories designed for occasions.
  • Discover the different styles
    Before you start your pursuit for vintage necklace, it is crucial for you to know several important aspects. Being a buyer, you need to be accustomed with different styles including, Hippie, Mod, New Wave, New Look, Bohemian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. You will come across with different qualities of vintage jewelry including, new vintage, reproduction, heirloom, regular and poor quality. If you are well aware with the present fashion trend, then you will find no difficulty in shopping this kind of jewelry online.
  • The cost of items
    When it comes to purchase authentic vintage style jewelry, the pricing is the prime fact to consider. The superior quality vintage necklaces are not actually cheap and inexpensive, however if you seek newer styles then you can get them at much affordable rates at online stores. If you are interested in investing unique vintage items, then purchase heirloom quality items as they are the authentic jewelry which you will surely treasure for long years to come. The price of vintage style necklace basically depends on the manufacturer and the age of the item. But, shopping from online stores ensures that authentic items can be purchased at wholesale rates.

Seashell Necklaces

Seashell necklaces for men are another popular trend catching on in coastal areas and beach communities. Even if you are not a surfer or full-time beachcomber – men can achieve a coastal look by wearing these necklaces with a more masculine flair. They can be strung on dark brown or natural leather and contain a specimen shell such as larger conch or shark’s teeth. Other seashell necklaces for men include small segments of white seashell closely strung together. Men can also wear seashell pendants made from metals such as pewter or silver. Sand dollar pendants strung on leather necklaces with a few strategically placed dark brown or black beads to creatively offset

Seashell necklaces for kids are a fun way to give kids a summertime look all year round. Surfer inspired fashions include coral or designs that include pieces of seashells alternating with small shell beads or wood beads. Necklaces for kids need to be especially functional and easy to take on and off. Pay special attention to easy to open and close clasps or choose designs that slip easily over the youngster’s head. Kids can be tough on personal belongings, and these necklaces are no exception. Make sure the construction of the necklace is sturdy and that the string or rope won’t easily break or fall apart. Necklaces made from Puka Shells make popular choker style necklaces for kids and adults alike, and come in stunning white. Girls may enjoy bracelets or ankle bracelets made to match their seashell necklace in similar color and style. Having a kid’s party to celebrate a birthday? Seashell necklaces make for a creative and useful giveaway – particularly if you are going with an island or beach theme. Easy to assemble seashell necklace kits make for a great party activity and the kid’s can wear their creations home from the party.

Seashell necklaces that you can do yourself are a fun and easy craft or hobby. These seashell necklaces designed and made by you, make for perfect gifts or party favors for your friends or family. The good news is that they can be intricate and complex or as simple as you would like. It’s a good idea to obtain some basic jewelry making tools before you embark on your design. Needle nose pliers, suitable cord, fishing line or string for stringing seashells or beads, clasps, separators or spacers and clasps are a good start. Some craft mega-stores even sell pre-made jewelry making kits with clasps and material to string your beads or seashells, to make it extra easy. Next think about your design and your materials. Do you want strictly seashells or do you want to mix in some beads into your seashell necklace? Individual specimens such as shark’s teeth or specimen seashells may be incorporated into a seashell necklace by mounting the specimen item with a coordinating pendant mount or pendant setting. Standard fishing line makes for a great foundation for stringing beads or shells. Leather or wire necklaces are another choice for easy to make designs. More intricate pieces can include a general color scheme with varied shells, beads or semi-precious stones for added visual interest and texture. Try making a matching piece to go with your pieces such as earrings, bracelets or even ankle bracelets.

Seashell necklaces are fun to wear for everyone and very easy to make. Let your imagination be your guide and enjoy mixing natural elements such as seashell, wood, leather, rope, shark’s teeth, sea glass and other coastal inspirations in your design of your very own necklaces. Don’t forget that these creations make for thoughtful gifts for family and friends of all ages. These necklaces also make lasting party favors to be enjoyed by your guests long after your party has ended. Get started today on searching for or designing your own special seashell necklaces today.

Types of Stunning Antique Necklaces That Are Worth Investing

Regardless of this fact, some of the most popular items are antique necklaces. These range from items produced in the Georgian and Edwardian periods, right up to the more recent Art Deco style. All of these items have some beautiful and unique traits that distinguish them from one another.

There are several different styles of antique necklace, many of which have proven popular throughout the ages. Many designs have been around for centuries, and therefore can be found in different areas of antique jewellery. Here are some of the main styles that you can expect to see available from boutiques and specialist retailers of jewellery.

The first style that is very common is the bib necklace. This particular design is very familiar to many people as it is a statement necklace of the modern era too. Hanging like a bib around the neck these necklaces generally consist of stones and beads all intricately woven together to form a large and dramatic necklace that draws the eye.

A variety of different stones, colours and textures can be used in this type of necklace. Some of the earliest examples can be found in the Greek and Roman empire eras, and the style has been in and out of fashion ever since these times. Of course, the gemstones and metals are different depending on the era that the item was produced in.

Due to the large number of stones and intricate designs of these statement necklaces, you can expect to pay higher prices for an antique version that is still in excellent condition. However, these absolutely stunning antique necklaces may well be worth the investment, and will certainly retain their value as long as they are cared for.

The next common type is the choker, a very short necklace which is worn around the neck in a way that it looks like it could be ‘choking’ the wearer. This is a very old style which also dates back to ancient times, much in the way of bib necklaces.

With that said, the style was particularly popular in the 18th century, where lace was a material that was often used along with the gemstones that typically make up an important component of this design. As the choker has never gone out of style, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a piece of jewellery with a bit of history that will also suit that today’s fashions.

Lastly, one of the most popular items of vintage antique jewellery, which has enjoyed centuries of wear, is the torsade, or ‘twister’ necklace. Although this is similar to a choker due to its short length, this does not look the same when worn around the neck, instead resting on the collar bone.

The torsade – which means ‘twist’ in French – is an antique necklace made up of many strands which are twisted together to form a rope like design. These particular necklaces were very popular in ancient Egypt, and more recently enjoyed popularity in the 1980s.

This design is a particularly bold style of antique necklace, and is sure to make a statement. Like the bib necklace and the choker, the torsade is a style that can be both classic and modern, and therefore is well worth the investment if you are looking for an antique item of jewellery that you can wear today.

Choose Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

According to their individual physical features such as their own figure and face shape as well as their suites they are wearing, ladies can choose different kinds of pearl necklaces. There are so many kinds of pearl necklaces. According to its length, the styles of pearl necklaces can be classified as follows:

  • Collar style. Multiple pearl rows are wearing closely around the neck, featured with the elegant and luxurious grace of Victoria Times. This style of necklace is suitable to ” V” shaped collar, boat collar, and formal evening wear.
  • Short necklace. The wearing length of the single strand pearl necklace is set approximate 40mm, which is the most classical and the most popular practical option for ladies. The style of the pearl necklace can match gracefully any classical or fashionable evening or cocktail dresses as well as any styles of collars.
  • Princess style. It refers to the pearl necklace which is approximately 45-48mm in length. The princess style necklace is especially suitable to high-collar dresses, and the necklace can be put on a pedant or other hanging decoration to create a sense of flowing motion.
  • Martini style. The length of the pearl necklace of this style is approximately 50-58mm. Martini style pearl necklace can match delicately any causal or professional suites.
  • Opera style. This style of pearl necklace measures approximately 70 – 80mm in length. Opera style pearl necklace can nicely match any high-collar dresses. It can match the dress with other double rows of short length pearl necklace to highlight a charming effect

Chunky Necklaces

Styling chunky necklaces with simple clothes, such as white T-shirt and jeans will never go wrong and can always help to enhance one’s personal style and personality. Here you should always keep one thing in mind that keep the attire simple so that you can add whatever you like to your outfit. If you wear the simplest ensembles, even wearing necklaces in the most flaring styles, you won’t be frowned upon.

Another way to wear chunky jewelry is to pair them with elegant evening gowns or dresses. You may have noticed that celebrities would always choose to wear chunky necklaces to compliment their red carpet looks especially when they wear strapless evening gowns. Many famous designers also love to use chunky necklaces in their fashion shows. Thus, when you are going to attend a social gathering or an evening party, you can try these chic chunky necklaces to lighten your gorgeous evening gowns.

In fact, chunky necklaces can be suitable for both formal and causal occasions. They can go well with either formal dresses or casual clothes. No matter whether you are a fashion addict or not, you can wear these over sized voluminous necklaces to make your own fashion statement.

Teenage Necklace Styles

Teenagers will choose necklaces that will be delicate or big and powerful. This is a decision that each person would make. You can wear the necklace that will make a bling statement that everyone will see and will be a major part of the outfit. The nice thing about the bling necklaces is that you can wear it with simple clothing and have everyone’s eyes go right to the piece of jewelry.¬†For a daintier look with the softer looking pieces of fashion, wearing the single chain with a little delicate charm will give you the look that you are trying to achieve.

One of the most popular types of necklaces is the personalized name one with your name on.  These come with and without small stones in them.

The other popular type of necklace is the friendship necklace, where each one of the friend will wear a part of the chain and the charms will intertwine. This is really popular when you are dating someone.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your jewelry but you will want to pick great pieces out to start your jewelry collection and make the statements that you want to make when you wear it. You will keep adding to it over the next years but you will want some great pieces to start out with.

Important Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery should be chosen with as much care as your dress. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect bridal necklace for UK brides.

  • Only purchase wedding jewellery from sources that have a reasonable return and/or refund policy. That deep-discount necklace on the Internet isn’t really a bargain if you can’t return or exchange it.
  • Try on your bridal jewellery necklace with your entire ensemble, including headpiece and veil, if you’re wearing one. Then take a long, critical look.
  • You might want to consider not wearing a necklace if your dress is highly embellished with beads, lace or rhinestones. Try to avoid a look that’s too busy. Opt for a subtle hint of colour from pastel coloured stones.
  • Include traditional pearl bridal jewellery or family heirloom jewellery in your look. Why not borrow a necklace from your mother or favourite aunt or include gold jewellery or silver jewellery that belonged to a grandmother? This is less expensive than investing in bridal necklaces or designer jewellery.
  • Be sure your necklace compliments the style and cut of your dress. For a strapless dress, draw attention up to your face with a glittering choker. A solitaire or Y-necklace is great with a V-neck or bateau.
  • Coordinate your necklace jewellery for brides with the embellishments on your dress or headpiece. For sequin or crystal embellishments, choose diamonds, real or faux, as your budget allows. For beaded embellishments, choose pearls, again, real or faux.
  • Opt for an elegant look by wearing a simple but elegant tennis bracelet over long gloves with simple styling. Pearls will work well if you’re not wearing gloves.

Cubic Zirconia Station Necklace

Layered cubic zirconia chain necklaces are all about relaxed glamour created by multiple strands of differing lengths. Draping beautifully around the neck, you will see this sparkling CZ jewelry look in both casual and red carpet situations. There are two ways to achieve the layered cubic zirconia chain necklace style. Both ways feature long “station chains” where you have a sterling silver or gold chain punctuated every 1-3 inches by a cubic zirconia gemstone. This CZ gemstone detail, often round and bezel set, goes all the way around the length of the dainty necklace. Because of the number and breadth of stones, this layered style of necklace makes a stunning visual impact.

The first way to wear a shimmering layered CZ necklace look is by selecting one or more different necklaces of varying lengths. Mix station chains with some hanging close to the neck and others at the chest or even waist level. You may also combine CZ station necklaces with other types of chains. This is a great look because you have the flexibility to adjust the necklaces to best accent your outfit and neckline. Longer necklaces can be worn as is, or wrapped one or more times around the neck.

Another way to achieve the multilayer necklace look is with a pre-layered single necklace comprised of several strands secured together at the clasp. In this style, you are wearing one necklace, but it contains 2-8 gemstone studded chains. Each chain falls at a different length and gives the impression of wearing multiple dazzling CZ necklaces.

Build a Jewelry Wardrobe

Pendant A pendant is the name of the ornament or charm that hangs down from the necklace which can be made from any type of chain or solid material.

Negligee This is a style of pendant or necklace that has two drops suspended from the chain, usually unevenly, from unequal lengths of the chain while they are joined to a small gem-set plaque.

Locket The locket is a favorite for young and old alike. It may be in any shape such as a circle or heart that opens to reveal one or two pictures placed inside.

Riviere This is a short necklace that is most often made with diamonds but can be made with other gemstones. The stones are of graduated size which increase to the center and may, or may not, have a large center stone or feature piece. Some Riviere necklaces are also made of equally sized stones. Either style is made from linked collet settings.

Y-Shaped Formed into the familiar “Y” shape, the necklace gets its name from the dangle in the front that forms the bottom of the letter.

Sautoir This is a long strand of pearls or beads that will often end with a pendant or a tassel.

Lavaliere Made from smaller stones, the necklace has a single stone that is large hanging from the front.

Bolo While the bolo is traditionally made from a braided leather loop that is worn around the neck with an ornamental slide that fastens the two sides together, it is also used to craft some elaborate necklaces from diamonds and other gemstones. The bolo is a popular piece for those who enjoy Western Wear as well as the more modern fashion divas.

Collarette The collarette is a short necklace that has flowing or draped ornaments in the front. The necklace itself is usually designed from beads or jewels as well.

Lariat A lariat is a long, beaded or decorated chain designed to be doubled and looped around the neck. Lariats are versatile and can be worn a variety of ways, and often have decorative elements or fringe at the end.

There are many other styles of necklaces made from the simplest materials as well as those that are drenched in carats of glittering beauty. This is a piece of jewelry that is familiar to women and men in many countries and cultures and is enjoyed by all.