Bill and Tammy’s Wedding Was Interesting

I suppose I should be amazed at how far the Johnny boy was willing to go to make Elsie jealous. Of course when she dumped him it took her about twenty seconds to find another man. Most people think he was doing more than just standing in the wings all along. At any rate this girl was really hot and I eventually realized that he was not going to be able to afford her for long. When I asked her what she did she said that she was one of the best Las Vegas escorts. She seemed proud of it, but for some reason she told me that she would let me take a shot after she was done with Johnny. From what I understood he did not pay for anything beyond what I could see. She was there as his wedding date and she was supposed to dance with him and make some public shows of affection. In fact Johnny was in the bag half way through the reception, he is not a big guy and when he drinks the hard stuff it hits him real hard. I ended up driving them both home. She said her license was suspended.

At any rate I took her back to the airport and we made out a little in the car. She called it a free sample and gave me a business card. She said that she was very affordable if you cut out the middleman, but I was quite sure that she had a different interpretation of that word than I did. The next day Johnny started to tell everyone that I had stolen his girlfriend. The strange thing is that from what I heard he seems to have achieved exactly what he wanted to achieve, Elsie was really jealous of his date.